T.V. News and BLM Movement

Black oppression has been overlooked in the media for quite sometime now. Even though some news stations display how protestors show their feelings towards the oppressors this isn’t enough. Racial discrimination in the media not choosing to show a white serial killer or releasing his name to the public, however displaying name and face of a black man to the world. Yes, black people have a voice now and we can use it to our advantage.

The news stations choose for how long they think a topic show keeps playing or running. The BLM Movement shouldn’t play on the news for a month and disappear. It should play forever until this issue is resolved. The media itself tries to lock this movement in a cage by throwing many issues that may arise like protesting during covid-19. But sickness hasn’t stopped us before to rebel against oppression and racism. My personal opinion I believe every contribution that a black person makes, even if it’s police brutality or a normal crime committed by a black person, we are the lime-light. We are what you call the topic of the day. It was a black person who robbed the store, or it was a black person who got shot by a police officer. We have been painted such as savages by the media.